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Artist Statement

I began drawing as a little girl. When my grandfather was napping in the living room chair, I saw a subject that wasn't going to move for awhile. With pad and pencil I sketched not only my grandfather but the bookcase and painting on the wall behind him.

Today, I like doing traditional art with a realistic depiction of the environment, in which I place my subject. I always finish the background and foreground before placing the animal in its habitat. I enjoy working in pastel and the ability it has to portray fur, scales or feathers.


My favorite subjects are wildlife, particularly endangered species.

Since I began as a wildlife artist in the 70's, over 58% of the worlds wildlife is gone! African lion populations have declined by more than 90% in the past 75 years. In China, India and Russia, the entire tiger population numbers 3,890.

In my artwork I try to let the viewer see the diversity and beauty all around us and the importance of preserving it for future generations. It's important for me to paint animals I've seen and in many cases, have been able to touch.


Having known zoo owners has given me an opportunity that many people will never have. Artists that paint flowers have touched them and know their fragrance. Still life artist's know how the objects feel. Knowing an animal's coat and muscle structure for me requires some contact. Here are some of my favorite subjects...


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